Special Testing Needs

7.1 VAMP (blood draw)

     The relationship of CISRE with the Clinical Research Unit allows the opportunity for investigators to request the resource of a RN to assist with intra-study interventions, such a blood draws during sleep, if required for the protocol. This service should be requested during the initial application to the CRU.

7.2 Pediatrics

     The CISRE is able to support pediatric sleep study research with certain additional requirements. It is necessary for a pediatrician on the study team to sleep on-site during pediatric sleep studies, in the event of emergent situations. If a study team cannot provide this resource, the pediatric sleep study can be conducted at Johns Hopkins downtown campus in the pediatric tower; however, this would be associated with a significant increase in cost.

7.3 Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring
7.4 Metabolic Cart
7.5 Specialized Equipment