Sleep Study Data Acquisition Services

2.1 In-Lab Polysomnography

     CISRE adheres to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) guidelines.  In particular, all PSGs include electroencephalograms, electrooculograms, submental and pre-tibial electromyograms, modified V5 electrocardiogram, body position, pulse oximetry and respiratory inductance plethysmography (RIP) signals unless otherwise dictated by the protocol itself.  Airflow is also monitored with a nasal pressure cannula and oronasal thermistor to detect apneas and hypopneas.  As per state law, these services are performed by a licensed Registered PSG Technologist (RPSGT).

2.2 Home Sleep Test (HST) Wiring & Data Basing

     In addition to sleep studies performed at the CRU, the CISRE supports investigators whose protocols involve home sleep data acquisition.  To this end, research participants are typically wired at the CRU using investigator’s portable PSG equipment by our RPSGTs. The CISRE IT assists investigators in tracking their equipment, using custom CISRE IT software.  If requested, the CISRE is available to score “home” sleep recordings.

2.3 Daytime Sleep Tests: Suggested Immobilization Tests (SITs), Maintenance of Wakefulness Tests (MWTs) and Multiple Sleep Latency Tests (MSLTs)

     Some protocols conducted at the CRU involve daytime SIT, MWT or MSLT procedures. If such specialized daytime sleep-related procedures are needed, this should be specified in the original resource request form alluded to above.  The CISRE has experience conducting each of these procedures.

2.4 Data Coordinating Center

     The CISRE is also available to act as a data coordinating center for pilot studies and clinical trials. Data management services are offered to investigators including: sleep study file transfer, development of HIPAA-compliant REDCap databases, sleep study scoring, interpretation, and databasing.  If the CISRE is involved in creating a database for your research, we are also happy to assist you in developing and performing database queries.

2.5 PSG transmission (Cloud Services / REDCap)

     Multi-site clinical trials are supported by sleep study transmission using Johns Hopkins cloud services and REDCap file transfer. These services are supported by the Johns Hopkins Internal Review Board (IRB).  Request for these services should be declared during the application process.

2.6 Scoring Hub

     The Scoring Hub employs the standard European Data Format. Scored results are typically provided in a PDF sleep study report. However, as noted above, the CISRE IT specialist can assist investigators in creating a HIPAA-compliant REDCap database (that could also include data not part of the PSG itself).   More detailed information about the Sleep Scoring Hub is provided below.