In-Lab Sleep Study Details

5.1 History and Physical (H&P)

     All studies on the CRU require an H&P or an office visit by someone on the study team within 30 days prior to admission (This rule does not apply to home sleep studies).  If the length between visits extends longer than 30 days the participant must have an additional H&P prior to the subsequent admission(s).

5.2 Length of time for wiring up

     Our RSPGTs requires approximately one hour to apply wires and sensors used to conduct standard PSGs.   

5.3 Lights off/on

     The lights off time (start) or lights on time (end) of a PSG is protocol specific.  Investigators communicate their preferred timing at the startup meeting. While it is possible to request lights out to occur any time between 8PM – 1AM, most protocols’ lights out time occurs between 10:30 – 11:30PM.  The majority of PSGs have a recording time of 6-8 hours (different durations can be requested, if stipulated in the IRB-approved protocol.   (Note: An evening meal is delivered to the CRU for research participants at approximately 4:30PM.  It is refrigerated then reheated when they arrive or request it.)

5.4 Data Capture (REDCap) / Workflow

     The Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap) is a secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases.  Clinical trial study designs have been interpolated into REDCap in order to facilitate data collection longitudinally. The CISRE IT has designed and developed applications linking data between REDCap and sleep study databases, thus providing live tracking tools.

5.5 Questionnaires

     The CISRE can provide a variety of standardized sleep-related questionnaires on-line or in paper form.  Investigators interested in this resource should make their request at the start-up meeting.