Ancillary Measures

The ancillary measures below are available as part of CISRE’s association with the broader CRU environment.

     The dedicated nursing staff (RNs, LPNs, PCTs) provide essential support to the CISRE, including: phlebotomy, point of care testing, anthropometrics, drug administration, physical assessments, questionnaire administration, serial blood pressure measurements, vital signs, and 12-lead echocardiograms.

     The Exercise Core of the CRU is staffed by exercise physiologists who are capable of providing the following services: body composition measurements (DEXA, anthropometry, bioimpedances), cardiopulmonary testing (ECG stress testing, VO2 max treadmill tests, VO2 Max cycle ergometer tests), muscular strength testing, exercise training, and functional assessments (6-minute walk, sit and reach, stair steps).

     The Nutrition Core is staffed by registered dieticians who support the dietary needs of all protocols. The services of the department include: nutrition assessment, dietary recall (24h), food diaries, food frequency questionnaire administration, controlled diet supply, development of protocol-specific diets, dietary instrument data entry, and nutrient analysis

     The CRU is also staffed by a team of echocardiographic technologists that can support protocols employing a variety of procedures, including: echocardiograms, vascular imaging (carotid, brachial), pulse wave velocity, and applanation tonometry.

     The services listed above are a sample of the resources available within the CRU and CISRE.