Frank P Sgambati, MS

Senior Research Data Manager

Mr. Sgambati graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from University of Binghamton and a master’s of science in statistics from University of Maryland Baltimore County. He has worked at Johns Hopkins University for over 13 years and he oversees and supervises all aspects of Center for Interdisciplinary Sleep Research and Education operations. He provides administrative oversight of CISRE facilities and scoring hub and fiscal supervision of CISRE’s billing and invoicing processes (charges for polysomnogram scoring; inpatient sleep studies, ambulatory sleep studies, daytime sleep latency testing, etc…). Frank’s also manages and supervises CISRE staff, and provides technical oversight as needed. Some of his numerous informatics activities include the integration of data collection, analysis, and visualization of polysomnographic sleep studies, customized to individual CISRE client’s needs. He directs and oversees upgrades and improvements to the CISRE IT backbone and networking environment and website. Hi supplies a strong data management core, which focuses on the data coordination and management for single and multicenter clinical trial research projects. This includes supervision of data collection and transfer, assistance with statistical analyses, and preparation of final reports. Due to the diverse needs of CISRE clients, data management also requires development and maintenance of specialized software, databases, and polysomnographic acquisition and reporting systems, customized to individual projects.