About Us

     The Center for Interdisciplinary Sleep Research and Education (CISRE), formerly the Sleep Core Laboratory of Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center General Clinical Research Center (JHBMC GCRC), is an establishment with over 30 years of clinical sleep research experience. 

     The CISRE is a 12,400 square foot facility located in the new 301 building on Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center campus, and is housed on-site alongside the Clinical Research Unit (CRU). The CISRE’s proximity to the CRU co-locates an extensive array of services and procedures.

     The CISRE is an outgrowth of the sleep core laboratory of the GCRC, and was established by its previous director, Dr. Marc Blackman. Over the years, the CISRE has expanded in size, and has a 10-bed capacity, and is supported by a dedicated staff and extensive network of workstations and IT infrastructure.

     The CISRE offers facilities and infrastructure to foster collaborations with other academic institutions in a variety of areas of research, including sleep disorders, chronobiology, drug abuse, endocrine disease, neuropsychiatric disorders, obesity, cardiovascular health and pulmonary disease. The CISRE has been the research site for a wide variety of pharmacological and device treatment trials, and is available for partnerships with industry and pharmaceutical, in addition to investigator-initiated research.

Click here to view our thematic poster at the 2016 Sleep And Circadian Research Day